Dr. Kelvin Moore's Mission Trip

FBC, Bradford Family:


I departed Nashville on Wednesday at 7 PM and arrived in Singapore on Friday, around noon.  I haven't done all the math but that equates to about 30 hours in airplanes and airports.  I know I am not getting older, so I can only explain it one way: it is simply further to Singapore than it once was.  Friend Dr. Choon Sam Fong, Baptist Theological Seminary's Academic Dean, met me at the airport.  After lunch, Choom Sam took me to my room (not exactly a hotel room but not an apartment either), where I will be staying for the next two months.  Choon Sam has made this trip before and understands the true meaning of jet lag.  I slept for an hour or so and went out for a walk.  Cathy and I stayed in this same complex when we were here last summer, so I feel comfortable navigating my way here (this is my fourth trip to Singapore.  I feel comfortable navigating anywhere here.  Of course, it does help to remind myself that, as long as I don't get off the island, the futhermost point I can be from where I want/need to be is only 25 miles).  I returned to the room a couple of hours later.  I was determined to stay awake until 9 PM, hoping I could sleep well.  I went to sleep around 9:00.  I woke at 3 AM.  Now, Monday morning, I am still waking at 3 AM.


Singapore/Myanmar Pastor Dr. Peter Cho Ma Na Ling, met me in my room Saturday morning at 9.  I gave him our church's generous contribution of $1200.  He accepted it with graciousness and appreciation.  The last report I gave you was his Bible Conference Center needed floor coverings.  Those are now in place.  Peter said he would use this money to support the Bible Conference in November (basically, room and board for the estimated 40 Burmese pastors who will attend).  I ate breakfast with Peter, Choon Sam and wife Christina.


I worshipped Sunday morning with the Eternal Life Baptist Church (there are 32 Baptist Churches in the Singapore Baptist Convention-32 church for a population of over 5 million people of the island).  Cathy and I discovered this church last summer, only a mile or so from where we stayed.  Their pastor, Richard Loh, remembered us from last summer and asked if my wife was with me again.  How impressive is that?  I can't remember my name at times.


Lunch today with Tan Thiamhong, a Union University Doctor of Ministry graduate.


I will go to the seminary tomorrow, where I will teach one class while I am here and finish research on a New Testament book I am writing.


I trust all is well with everyone.





Peter Cho Ma Na Ling