Bro. Don - The First 25

August, 2018, marked an historical time in the life of First Baptist Church, Bradford, Tennessee.  Bro. Don Dyer became our pastor in August, 1993.  He came to Bradford and brought his wonderful family (Denise, Lori, Susan and Wes) with him.  We, as a church, have been so blessed to have this Man of God lead us and guide us.  He and Denise have been there to share in our joys, and they have been there to comfort us during the difficult times in our lives.  Not only has he served in the capacity of our pastor, but he is our friend.  We have had the privilege to watch Lori, Susan and Wes grow into adulthood and form families of their own.  We love them and think of them as "family". 

August 19, 2018, was truly a day of celebration.  The church was filled with worshippers who came to hear Bro. Don proclaim the Word and to share a day of fellowship.  Minister of Music Larry Patterson opened the service with words of appreciation for Bro. Don, and he led the congregation in song.  Bro. Roger Stacy, Director of Missions, was in attendance to present a certificate from Gibson Baptist Association.  At this time, there are only two other pastors who have been at the same Gibson County church longer than Bro. Don has been at Bradford First Baptist.  Next, there was a video presentation depicting memories from the last 25 years.  Then, J.D. Dethloff presented a plaque from the City of Bradford.  Larry McCartney, Chairman of the Deacons, presented Bro. Don with a plaque of appreciation and a gift from the church.  Bro. Don was given the opportunity to respond.  Following the awards and Bro. Don's response, Charlton McDade sang "Common Garments".  Bro. Don delivered God's message which was taken from John 1:35-51.  He titled the message, "Jesus: A Man's Man".  When the invitation was given, Ms. Shirley Cates came forward to join the membership of the church.  A delicious meal followed the service.  It was definitely a day for celebration, and a wonderful, historical day at First Baptist Church, Bradford, Tennessee. 


As a footnote - Bro. Don knew only about the meal and nothing about the awards that he was about to receive.


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Thank you for a very special and memorable day last Sunday.  Twenty-five years I have been privileged to be the pastor of a very supportive and loving group of people.  You have expressed that love to our family many times and in many ways.  The word "joy" best describes our memories as we reflect upon the years and what God has done through and in His church.  With amazement, we wonder what He will do in the years ahead. 

With a heart filled with love we say "thank you".


Bro. Don and Denise